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Pharmacology is a branch which deals with the drug dose, route of administration, mechanism of action of drugs and adverse effects of drugs. It includes various subjects to inoculate students such as anatomy, physiology & pathophysiology, pharmacology, and toxicology. A student becomes well versed with handling and experimentation on animals both in the laboratory (Manually) and on computers (Simulated softwares) once out of the laboratory. In anatomy, physiology & pathophysiology lab students are provided facilities to learn different body parts, organs and organ systems with the help of human skeleton models, bones, charts, and permanent slides. The college has also started experiment conduction on simulated softwares to minimize animal sacrifice.

Pharmacology lab consists of equipments to find activity of various drug samples and some of them are- Rotarod Apparatus, Digital Actophotometer, Analgesiometer (Eddy’s Hot Plate & Radiant Heat Methods), Histamine Chamber, Plethysmograph, Cook’s Pole Climbing Apparatus, Electroconvulsiometer, Pyrogen Telethermometer, Digital Glucometer, Single & Double Organ Bath with Sherrington’s Kymograph Machine, Aerators, Microscopes (Dissecting, Projection & Compound), Haemocytometer with Micropipettes, Sahli’s Heamocytometer, Hutchinson’s Spirometer, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Different Contraceptive Devices & Models, Pregnancy Diagnosis Kit, Mercury Thermometer, Cell Analyzer, Permanent Slides & Models for various organs/organ systems, Skeleton & Bones, Myographic Lever & Cannula, Lucas Moist Chamber, Stimulator, Centrifuge, Metabolic Cage, Dissection Trays & Boards, Hypodermic Syringes.