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Pharmaceutical microbiology lab provides the facilities to the students to study micro-organism, the process of sterilization, preparation of culture media both for statics and broth cultures. This lab is attached with the aseptic room as per GLP guidelines. The lab is suitable for the evaluation of antiseptics and disinfectants for the determination of phenol coefficient, a microbial assay of vitamins, antibiotics and all other experiments of microbiology & biotechnology given in the syllabus of B. Pharm. & diploma courses. The laboratory is built with an insight into the biotechnology industry with instruments like BOD Incubator, Aseptic Room with Laminar Air Flow Cabinet & UV Cabinet, Digital Oven, Incubators, Double Door Ovens, Bacterial Colony Counter, Sterility Tester, Antibiotic Zone Reader, Autoclaves, and Micropipettes etc. Once out of the laboratory, a student will be well versed with the microbiological part of the course.