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A library is a treasure of knowledge and a collection of sources of information. It is the soul of the institution and has an extensive compilation of books, scientific and technical journals and electronic reference materials for satisfying the academic and research needs of the students and faculties. This source of information consists of a reference section, circulation section, periodical section, audio-visual section, digital library, and the reading room. The Institute library has automated all its library activities which provide an effective and a wide range of academic resources such as books, journals, online databases, DVDs and other useful materials.

DKRR central library is enriched with a collection of meticulously chosen around 2250 available volumes of approximately 700 titles of books on different subjects of Pharmacy, Applied Science and Humanities. All the books are segregated subject wise and shelved in the properly labeled cupboards. All the books give accession number. The reference books and boos for issue-return is stored separately. Many journals of national and international repute, periodicals, magazines and newspapers are subscribed in the library in the periodical section. Journals (hard copy) and e-journals subscribed every year are as per the directives of AICTE.

The library has a good collection of books; periodicals and journals related to pharmacy and allied sciences. It has two sections that are reference and issue section. At the present library has books which include valuable titles from the various subjects like Pharmaceutical chemistry (Inorganic & Organic), Biochemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Quality assurance, Pharmaceutics, Bio-pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Microbiology, Molecular biology & Biotechnology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Physical Pharmacy. Along with traditional subjects, we have a few selected titles on pharmaceutical marketing & management, Remedial Mathematics & Biology, Communication Skills, Environmental Sciences, Computer Applications, Gene cloning, AIDS & HIV, Chemotherapy, cosmetics, Herbal Products etc. from well known Indian as well as foreign publishers.

The library has a separate multimedia section with internet connectivity for accessing e-journals and other sites of user’s interest. Our library is appropriately equipped with reprographic facilities and endowed with e-Books, e-Journals through AKTU Nalanda e-Consortium & MyLOFT APP for e-Library ( facility for the students and faculty members. The Librarian always inspire and motivate students and staff to join the national knowledge network by way registration on National Digital Library ( to get access to a very vast and variety of digitized information and literature.

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