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The institute has provided a centralized museum constructed on the ground floor for the display of models and information on various aspects of pharmacy. Marketed drug formulations such as tablets, liquid dosage forms, ointments, capsules, powder, nasal spray, cosmetics, anatomy models, glassware miniatures are displayed in the museum, so that students, faculty, parents, visitors and all the stakeholders can refer/see these informative displayed contents.
A separate and dedicated trophy cabinet/museum is constructed for the display of medals and trophies won by our students and staff located at the reception area of administrative office on the ground floor.
An herbal garden is a place where students get exposure to various medicinal plants and get knowledge about their useful effects, including their source, botanical names, cultivation techniques, natural habitat, and their constituents, etc. This also provides plant material for conducting the practicals of B. Pharm. & D. Pharm. students.