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Pharmaceutical Analysis lab is another essential part of the institute with the Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab and Instrument Room. Practicals based on different titrimetric methods like volumetric, gravimetric, complexometric, potentiometric, conductometric, amperometric analysis and assay of compounds are performed in this lab. Students also study various modern analytical techniques such as- UV, IR, Mass, NMR, Polarography & Radiographic techniques. The college is having a well maintained central instrumentation lab to provide instrumentation facility to students and faculty, for conducting analytical practical and research work. This lab is augmented with a balance room facility having sufficient number of analytical balances for weighing.

This laboratory is well equipped with necessary with necessary modern facilities such as: UV & Visible Spectrophotometer, Biochemical Analyzer, Ion Exchanger, Flourimeter, IR Moisture Balance, Karl Fisher (KF), Abbe’s Refractometer, Conductivity Meter, Potentiometer, Colorimeter, Flame Photometer, Nephelo Turbidity Meter, Digital pH meter, Digital/Electronic Balances (of different sensitivities), Analytical Balance, Physical Balance, Different Analytical Glasswares, indicators and reagents