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Aim and objective of the pharmacognosy department is to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge of the natural products and this lab is required for identification, extraction, isolation, separation, purification, phytochemical screening, and evaluation of medicinal plants/drugs by studying their morphological, microscopic, histological and phytochemical characteristics. The lab is also suitable for the organoleptic evaluation of crude drugs as well as meant for extraction of active principles of crude drugs by various techniques. Students are able to learn how to use various techniques and sophisticated instruments for the extraction of crude drugs. They are provided opportunities to perform various qualitative and quantitative tests of herbal drugs.

The pharmacognosy lab is equipped with instruments like Soxhlet Apparatus & Clevenger’s Apparatus, Microtome, Compound, Dissecting & Projection Microscopes, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Refrigerator, Sterility Testing Unit, Camera Lucida, Eye Piece & Stage Micrometers, Muffle Furnace, Heating Mantles, Microcentrifuge, UV Cabinet, Water Distillation Unit, Cutter Mill, Mixer Grinder, Permanent Slides, Medicinal Plant Charts & Models, Sonicator, Fermentor, etc.